Yarrow Stadium development still on track

Thursday, Sep 02 2021

Yarrow Stadium development still on track

Will Johnston

Yarrow Stadium’s $50million development is still on track to host winter sports next year despite a two-week hiatus.

The site was left dormant since New Zealand was put into lockdown on Tuesday, August 17.

Construction workers are not classed as essential workers under level four restrictions.

But when the country moved to level three on Wednesday morning, construction is permitted with health and safety protocols in place.

Taranaki Regional Council director of corporate service Mike Nield said workers are following construction health and safety New Zealand level three protocols for vertical and horizontal construction to ensure “workers and the wider community stays safe.”

He said protocols include physical distancing, hygiene requirements for entering the site, safe travel, deliveries and managing suspected or confirmed cases.

Regardless of the hold-up, the overall programme remains on track, Nield confirmed.  

“Physical site work is continuing as planned, although some tasks may take additional time due to health and safety protocols in place.

The West Stand and the field will be finished in March 2022, in a partial re-opening.

The site has been active since November with some significant milestones in the reconstruction of the venue.  

The last of the East Stand demolition is underway and piling is continuing for the West Stand repair, Nield said.

In July, New Plymouth firm Boon and Auckland’s GHD Woodhead Creative Spaces were given the design contract for the East Stand – expected to be completed in 2024.

New Zealand Turf Management Solutions will lay down a new hybrid turf – used in other stadiums in New Zealand – and Arnold Jensen Electrical will install the new LED lights. The light tower frames were taken down before lockdown for the installation.

The two stands were deemed earthquake prone in November 2017 and June 2018.

The government announced it would inject $20million part of the shovel ready scheme.

It’s expected the new East Stand will be more usable, more often, by more people because of its new spaces available.