Thanks to the Muggeridges

Wednesday, Aug 26 2020

Thanks to the Muggeridges
Sports News Taranaki would like to thank Therese and Clinton Muggeridge, through their company Liardet Media, for their support.
They have been very generous in giving SNT free electronic billboard advertising on the corner of Devon and Liardet Streets for 12 months.
Liardet Media provides high impact advertising on a 3.2mx2.4m billboard above Emmalou Cafe on one of the busiest and most pedestrianised intersections in the city. More than  12,000 people per day see the billboard. 
"The Sports News Taranaki team is very grateful to  Therese and Clinton for their support," said SNT trustee Gordon Brown." Many will remember Clinton as an integral member of the Taranaki Cricket team that held the Hawke Cup back in the 90s, so it is no surprise he has kept up his interest in sport.
"The struggle for SNT has been to make the codes in the community aware of the opportunities that we provide to publicise Taranaki sports and sporting people.  Having it feature on Liardet Media's electronic billboard certainly helps.
"We know how many great stories there are out there that aren't being told in traditional media and we want to share those stories with everyone."